Αντιγράφω από το LinkeIn μου, μην χαθούν τέτοια milestones στο timeline (😜):

Today, for the first time, i used ChatGPT to solve a coding problem that i had... I don't know if i'm proud of myself, if i'm "cheating", indeed it feels kind of akward to me to find so easy answers when i went to the university to study Computer Sciense back in 1996, when Internet in Greece barely existed!

What i do know is that this is a new era, the rules of the game are constanly changing, new tools are outhere available and we have to adapt not just to stay alive, i'm not that pessimist ( 😋 ), but to make our lives easier and better, at the end of the day this is the most important thing in the world! 🙂